GladMesh (2013)

3630„A child’s natural state is the playful joy and serenity.”

„My little spiritual child” what do you whisper to me? Gladness, magic, playing, wisdome … The joy of the closeness of God and the Nature, the pleasure in finding our mate in love, the happiness after our concerts, the gladness of being together with our friends, playing with words, colours, songs and with each other and ourselves.”

„ÖröMes which can be translated as GladMesh is really the next station of my life. This is a comfortable, warm world for me: it is a spinning extravaganza of Hungarian, Turkish and Moroccan folk songs, but it is different from my previous album the Rainbow Bridge. It represents my musical encounters with all the different enchanted worlds from Hungarian to Moroccan folk music. It is a kind of personal story in the name of happiness. And now, my dear audience, let’s start our beautiful adventure!”


This album could not have been compiled without the Mesi Trio, whose members are Barvich Ivan and Boros Gerzson David, who have been constant bandmates of Mesi, the singer for three years. The team has already toured in Spain, in Northern America. As a guest artist we can hear Berta Alexandra on the disc, she was Mesi’s former team-mate and current colleague at the Department of Folk Music at the Music Academy of Hungary, whose talent has also been recognozed by receiving the Junior Prima Award.

ivan  alexandra gerzson