Bosporus Overflowing (2016)

Meshinda’s tunes have their roots  in the Hungarian                               and Indian folk heritage. In their music theese parallel tunes are interwined in an amazingly unconventional way. On their album-besides Indian and Hungarian folk songs. You can hear Pakistani, Turkish and Kurd song moulded into new genres. The flow... View Article

GladMesh (2013)

„A child’s natural state is the playful joy and serenity.” „My little spiritual child” what do you whisper to me? Gladness, magic, playing, wisdome … The joy of the closeness of God and the Nature, the pleasure in finding our mate in love, the happiness after our concerts, the gladness of being together with our friends, playing with words, colours, songs and... View Article

Rainbow Bridge (2011)

“My first CD was released in November 2011, in which I invite the listener on an inward journey. The music cradles a child, who then sprouts and blossoms into trying to find his/her partner, they fall in love, get married, mature spiritually, and then inevitably return to their creator. On an exciting folk musical journey we can discover the contextual and musical... View Article