01.10.2019. 35/5000 Triple clip premiere on Fidelio

Have you heard Hungarian folk song in English and Turkish? Click on the link if you are curious!


“At the Gate of the Worlds” with Guessous Meshi and David Gerzson Boros.   Location: Károly Kisfaludy Library (9021 Győr,... View Article

22.09.2019. Austria

Concert by Accentus Austria and Guessous Mesi – Serenata Hungarica   Location: Esterházy Castle (7000 Eisenstadt, Esterhazyplatz 1.) Time: 11:00... View Article

17.09.2019. Budapest

Musical conversation with Guessous Majda Maria Junior Prima Prize winner.   Location: House of Nations, Budapest, VI. 54 Bszt. Bajza... View Article


Performer: Mária Majda Guessous, Iván Barvich, Dávid Gerzson Boros Time:19:00


Bála Bartók Turkish folk music from Asia Minor book presentation. Performer: Mária Majda Guessous (Meshi) Location:Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute... View Article


Turkish Night. Location: Fonó 1116 Budapest Sztregova Str. 3. Canlar feat. Erdal Salikoglu (TR) és Guessous Majda Mária; Vardan Hovanissian... View Article