“At the Gate of the Worlds” with Guessous Meshi and David Gerzson Boros.   Location: Károly Kisfaludy Library (9021 Győr,... View Article

22.09.2019. Austria

Concert by Accentus Austria and Guessous Mesi – Serenata Hungarica   Location: Esterházy Castle (7000 Eisenstadt, Esterhazyplatz 1.) Time: 11:00... View Article

17.09.2019. Budapest

Musical conversation with Guessous Majda Maria Junior Prima Prize winner.   Location: House of Nations, Budapest, VI. 54 Bszt. Bajza... View Article


Performer: Mária Majda Guessous, Iván Barvich, Dávid Gerzson Boros Time:19:00


Bála Bartók Turkish folk music from Asia Minor book presentation. Performer: Mária Majda Guessous (Meshi) Location:Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute... View Article


Turkish Night. Location: Fonó 1116 Budapest Sztregova Str. 3. Canlar feat. Erdal Salikoglu (TR) és Guessous Majda Mária; Vardan Hovanissian... View Article


Interview with Meshi after the first “Metamorphosis Concert” at Pető Institute! Location: Hungarian Catholic Radio Time: 18:04


Prayer Concert for Nature. Location: MagNet Community House 1062. Budapest Andrássy út 98. Time: 19:00   More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/437991390290913/  


Pető Institute Metamorphosis Concert ( Private ) Premier song! Among the “Metamorphosis”, the “Wings” are the first to be inspired... View Article


650th Anniversary of the Birth of Nasimi. Location: Yunus Emre Ensitüsü 1062. Budapest Andrássy Str. 62. Time: 18: 00 To... View Article